Austin Bakes Update & Printable Flyer!

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It’s been a big day at Austin Bakes headquarters. A press release announcing our bake sale locations went out to media this afternoon, and I just sent information about the sale to our 81st volunteer! We are making good progress, but we still need baked goods, supplies, and volunteers at all eight bake sale locations.

The good news about signing up is that it’s easier than ever! If you want to help, give us your contact info on our nifty sign up page! When we receive your information, we’ll send you details about what to bake, sale logistics, and where and when to drop baked goods off at the sale. We’ll also give you information about volunteering if you’d like to help out next Saturday.

Lots of people have requested a printable flyer advertising the sale. It’s here! Please consider printing a few of these out and hanging them up around your office, church, or local business. The file should be small enough to share comfortably via email, too. Click this link to download the flyer.

The last bit of happy news for today is that our list of business sponsors is growing! The owners and employees of many of these businesses will be baking and volunteering for the sale alongside home bakers, and a growing team of food bloggers, making this a true community effort. Please join us next Saturday in support of our neighbors up north.

 Special thanks to volunteers Rachelle and Catherine for sending out our press release.

3 thoughts on “Austin Bakes Update & Printable Flyer!

  1. Hey Kathryn, I’m assuming that if I’m getting this e-mail I am signed up to bring goodies? Or should I not assume and fill out your “nifty little sign in sheet”? just curious. I plan on taking my goods to Crema before I go to the AFBA event. Unless I hear otherwise and you would rather I drop off the day before at one of your drop off sites. No need to get back to me to answer all these silly ?s I will just keep reading updates I’m sure you have all the answers in there. Love you, Kristina


    • Hey! Sorry– I lost your original email in a great big thread about sale sites several days ago, so I forgot to send you the sign up email with instructions. I’m sending it your way now so you can sign up and the folks at Crema will know to expect you. 🙂

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