Austin Bakes for Australia Fundraising Update: $14,144 And Counting!

Good news! The fundraising momentum from Saturday’s citywide bake sale continued throughout this week. Thanks to all your support, Austin Bakes has raised over $14,144 for the Global Giving Australia Wildfires Relief Fund. Isn’t that amazing? Time and time again, Austin reminds us of the power of a few baked goods and a whole lot of love.

If you’re curious how each of our nine sale sites made out on Saturday, here’s a rundown of cash sales for each physical sale site:

  • Buda: Nate’s $663
  • Central: Stiles Switch BBQ $863
  • Downtown: Lustre Pearl Rainey $340
  • East: Bennu $796.06
  • East: Cuvee Coffee $488
  • North: Dream Bakery Cafe $756.44
  • North: Make It Swet $969
  • South: Confituras Little Kitchen $721
  • South: Crema Bakery & Cafe $1,872

Keep in mind that in addition to cash gifts, each site generated a portion of the $5,590 donated via our secure online giving page. That’s a lot of dough! We also received $853 from our generous business sponsors Crema Bakery & Cafe, Dream Bakery Cafe, Latchkey, and Tito’s Vodka. Finally, Austin Bakes online t-shirt sales raised $233!

We are also grateful to donations of banners, baked goods, and supplies from our in-kind sponsors. Since 100% of our bake sale proceeds are donated to our nonprofit beneficiary, Austin Bakes does not have an operating budget. Our sale would not be possible without support from in-kind business partners including:

Finally, we want to recognize our tremendous volunteer organizers and bakers. Your talent and generosity make Austin Bakes a truly special community. Until next time, THANK YOU, and happy baking!