Partnerships for our next sale are being accepted now. We need signage, supplies for the sale like folding tables and tents, cash donations, wrapped, gourmet baked goods for our next bake sale.

Please let us know how you’d like to help.

Here are a few ways sponsors have helped out with past sales:

– Location Hosts: We are all set on venues right now, but we can put your location on our list of backups if you like. If the sale expands further we may need to add more sites.

– Providing goods for sale: Businesses that sell baked goods often donate goods packaged for sale to sale sites. This is a great way to contribute to the sale while also introducing new local customers to your products. Baked goods must be individually wrapped for sale (or sold in packaged batches) and be safe to store at room temperature (shelf stable by cottage law standards). You are welcome to attach branded packaging, coupons, whatever you want.

– Donating a portion of proceeds from the day of the sale: This has been a hugely helpful fundraising tactic in the past. Generous business owners have chosen a percentage they feel comfortable with and pledged the amount toward our fundraising goals. Another option is to offer to match donations made at the closest sale site, online, total sales, etc.

– Donating supplies, advertising, and signage: We are a volunteer-run group with no admin budget so we will gladly accept donations of advertising credit for facebook boosts, professional printing, signage, etc. We will publicly credit your business for providing this on our blog.

Partners From previous Austin Bakes events:


20 thoughts on “Partners

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  13. I had not heard of this until now. I will be sure to get out and purchase something. In addition,
    when there is another event I will be happy to participate. I love to bake, but I can do many other things too.

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  17. I am the Executive Pastry Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel here in Austin and would love to get involved I. The bake sale to benefit Harvey. How can I help? Do you still need another venue? Donated baked goods? Volunteers? I have a pastry team of 8 people including myself and we all would like to take part!

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