Team Lead Info

Thanks for volunteering to act as a team lead for your sale location.

Team leads are essential to making our sale a success. We literally could not do this without you, so THANKS!!!

What does a team lead do?

  • Attends the sale from start to finish, arriving about 30 minutes prior to sale to set up.
  • Communicates with bakers and volunteers for your sale site as needed.
  • Coordinate with bakers and volunteers to make sure your sale site has all the necessary supplies:
    • Folding Tables and Chairs
    • Tent/Canopy for Shade
    • Tablecloths or covers (Red is preferred)
    • Platters, baskets, bowls, etc for displaying goodies
    • Signs (Handmade signs are A-OK)
    • Collection vessel for cash donations (This can be an apron, a pickle jar, a cash box – whatever you want.)
    • Tape, pens, and misc. Supplies
  • Responsible for handling incoming cash and check donations. (Checks should be made to “AmeriCares” with “Hurricane Harvey” written in the memo line.)
  • Responsible for distributing leftover goodies. Sale leaders often donate leftovers to local fire stations, community centers, or the Ronald McDonald House. It is your choice – just make sure to call ahead so they know you are coming. This time around it might be nice to consider any shelters hosting hurricane evacuees.

Our volunteer coordinator will be your point of contact for questions relating to the jobs listed above. Please let her know if you have any questions!