Austin Bakes for Japan raises $11,540.07 and counting!

This morning I went to the bank to get a cashier’s check made with all the cash gifts from Saturday’s bake sale. The combined total of our cash, check and online gifts from Saturday’s sale is $11,540.07 and counting, so it took about an hour for the tellers to process all those bank notes and coins! The manager at the bank had seen KVUE’s coverage of the bake sale on Saturday night, and she was really excited to help us count all that cash. Bank of America even waived the usual fee for cashier’s checks so that 100% of our cash could go straight to AmeriCares. Thanks, Bank of America!

As soon as I left the bank, I FedExed the big cashier’s check to AmeriCares along with all the personal and business checks we received at the sale on Saturday. Don’t worry– I got insurance and a return receipt on the package. I have to admit I was really nervous handling so much money until the mailman took the envelope!  Here’s the letter that I sent to AmeriCares with our gifts.


88 Hamilton Avenue
Stamford, CT 06902
Attn: Jennifer Martins

Dear AmeriCares,

On April 2nd, over 100 volunteer bakers, bloggers and businesses in Austin came together to hold “Austin Bakes for Japan” a citywide bake sale in support of AmeriCares’ humanitarian relief efforts in Japan.  We sold thousands of baked goods at five sales across the city, and we are pleased to report that together we raised $11,540.07 in support of AmeriCares efforts in Japan.

Please find enclosed a cashier’s check for $9,557.06, which represents our total cash contributions. Also enclosed are 27 personal checks totaling $978.00. As of 1:00 PM today, the sum of our online credit card gifts was $1,005.01. The URL for our FirstGiving fundraising page is

The people of Austin feel strongly about the value of the work you are doing in Japan, and we wish the employees of AmeriCares and your partner organizations the best as you continue to provide supplies and support on the ground where it’s needed most.


Stephanie- Leader, South Austin Bakes for Japan
Kathryn- Leader, Austin Bakes for Japan
Rachelle-Leader, East Austin Bakes for Japan
Carly- Leader, West Austin Bakes for Japan
Lisa- Leader, Central Austin Bakes for Japan
Shelley- Leader, Downtown Austin Bakes for Japan
Along with over 100 other business partners, bakers, bloggers, and volunteers

Just a note about gift receipts: everyone who gave online or wrote personal/business checks to AmeriCares will receive individual thank-you letters with tax info from AmeriCares. Those letters will be sent to the mailing address or email address you listed online or on your check. Austin Bakes for Japan will receive a thank-you note from AmeriCares for our collective cash donation, and I’ll post that here on the blog as soon as I get it.

I think I speak for all the participants when I say we’re still processing what a great experience the bake sale was on Saturday. The collective generosity and kindness Austin showed for the survivors in Japan was pretty awesome. We’ll have a big ol’ recap post coming up on Wednesday morning, just in time for our celebratory get-together at the SFC Triangle Farmer’s Market that night. Thanks again to everyone who took part in making the bake sale such a success!