Good News from Austin Bakes

Things are moving right along at the Austin Bakes headquarters! Our team of volunteers is working really hard to line up an awesome bake sale location (or two! or three!) where we will be able to sell delicious treats. 100% of our proceeds will benefit AmeriCares, a top-rated non-profit that’s providing medical supplies and humanitarian aid in Japan.

Already lots of local businesses have pledged to give space, desserts, or cash in support of our cause, and so far over 50 Austin bloggers and foodies have volunteered to make baked goods for the sale. We’ll have a special page highlighting everyone’s generosity ready to post here in the next few days.

As if that wasn’t enough good news, we found out  today that, besides Austin, 19 other cities will be baking for Japan on April 2nd!! Bay area blogger and cook Samin Nosrat is organizing this national effort, and Slashfood wrote a great story about her work on the Bake Sale for Japan today.

If you want to get on board and help with the bake sale, send us an email. We’re still looking for volunteer help, corporate support, matching gifts, and most importantly, lots and lots of delicious baked goods to sell. We’ll have even more great news to share in the next 48 hours as our locations are finalized, so stay tuned to @Austinbakes on Twitter for breaking news!

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