It’s a Party. It’s a Baking Party. It’s a Baking Party Weekend.

(Actually the baking party will be on Friday, specifically… and any other Texas “old timers” remember that song from the 80s?)

We’d like to invite you to a live baking party, from each of our kitchens, all day long this Friday, May 22.

Peanut Butter Cookies_Stetted

Here’s how it works:

  • Friday as you prep, bake, and package your goodies for Saturday’s charity bake sale for Nepal, take photos and share them on Twitter and Instagram. We want to see what you’re are making, and we’ll share them to help get people excited about what’s in store.*
  • Use the hashtag #AustinBakes for all your posts.
  • Tag Austin Bakes on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Check the hashtag for what others are doing, and interact!

This event is all about community after all. Let’s party, y’all.

*By participating in the Baking Party on Friday, you agree to allow us to repost your photos on our social media channels and website to help promote this and future bake sales. All photos will be credited.

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