Bake Sale Preview #2


These cake pops from Kathy Phan and Objects of Confection will be available at the South and West locations. We totally understand if you can't bring yourself to eat them. Hard to fit so much cute in your mouth!



The bake sale is coming, the bake sale is coming! There are just two days left until Austin Bakes for Japan, and the time is nigh to pre-heat your oven and get cooking.

We still need donations of baked goods for Saturday. If you’d like to drop off some goodies, signing up couldn’t be easier. Just send us an email and we’ll get you a spot at the bake sale location of your dreams. We’ll also send you other important information about how to package items, how much to make, when to drop stuff off, and more.

If you’re not a baker, there are other ways to help: our volunteer worker needs have been met, but we still need bake sale signs/banners (hand drawn or printed) and large containers like pickle jars or big coffee cans to collect donations. Also, if you have an ice machine or access to one, we could use some bags of ice for our coolers at the sale.

If you’d like to help with any of these things, please send us an email so that we know when you’re coming on Saturday!

Now on to the really good stuff, the baked goods!! Remember, at the bake sale Saturday, none of these things will have a price tag. We’ll be asking donors to take an item of their choice and gift AmeriCares accordingly.

Dark Chocolate Cookies

Available at Foreign & Domestic!

These cookies look expensive! Russell Lewis tweeted tonight about making chocolate dipped dark chocolate cookies for our Central Location, and my chocolate cravings have been severe since then.

Available in the afternoon at the west location-- just in time for the block party!

Cookie Madness will have these pretty vanilla bean cupcakes at the West location, along with the chocolate cookies that we showed you yesterday in the first bake sale preview.


Available at the east location just in time for breakfast!


Even though Megan of Stetted is traveling this weekend, she has made special arrangements for these blackberry basil scones to be at the East location as soon as soon as the sale begins. And if blackberry-basil isn’t exotic enough for you, we’ll also have this blackberry mulled wine jam at the East bake sale.

6 jars of this jam available at the east and downtown locations.

6 jars of this jam available at the east and downtown locations.

Volunteer Abbie recommends serving this with ricotta cheese on crusty French bread or scones, AKA, the breakfast of my dreams.


Strawberry Pop Tarts available at the South bake sale. We predict they'll go quick!!


Another breakfast of my dreams? These homemade strawberry pop tarts from business sponsor Bake Sale Austin. They are to die for. Er, to donate for!


Available at the East, Downtown and Central locations!


None of the breakfast items at our East, Downtown and Central bake sales would be complete without a bottle of Chameleon Cold-Brew. They have generously donated whole bottles of the chilled coffee to those locations for customers to complement their pastry purchases.

Available at the East and Central locations!

I used Chameleon Cold-Brew to make the coffee frosting for these brown sugar icebox cookies. They’re called Butter Bars with Chameleon Cold-Brew Frosting, and they’ll be available in packs of six cookies at Nomad Bar and Foreign and Domestic on Saturday.

Rhubarb berry pie available at Nomad Bar! Photo by business sponsor Nathan Russell Photography.

Also at Nomad Bar, volunteer Stacy will be bringing rhubarb pie in support of AmeriCares. Stacy doesn’t have a web site to promote, but she makes the best rhubarb pie I’ve ever had, and she happens to be friends with business sponsors Nathan and Amy Russell of Nathan Russell Photography. They’ll be shooting the Central and West locations of the bake sale on Saturday, and they took that picture of Stacy’s pie, too.

Speaking of photography, we’ll be collecting lots and lots of pictures from the bake sale– professional and otherwise– to share on the web. If you’ve got a camera and a Flickr account, we’d love to have you join our Flickr group so that you can share your pictures with other bake sale angels.

As a reminder, the locations for Austin Bakes for Japan are:

Downtown Austin: Woof Gang Bakery, 1204 North Lamar Blvd., 78703 (10 AM-2 PM)

East Austin: Nomad Bar, 1213 Corona Drive, 78723 (10 AM-2 PM)

West Austin: The Shops at Mira Vista, 2785 Bee Cave Road, 78746 (10 AM-5 PM)

Central Austin: Foreign & Domestic, 306 E. 53rd st., 78751 (10 AM-2 PM)

South Austin: Hotel San Jose, 1511 South Congress Ave., 78704 (10 AM-2 PM)

And here’s more information about how and why we’re raising money for AmeriCares relief efforts in Japan.


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