Warning: Cuteness Ahead!

Austin Bakes for Japan is just four days away, and our final countdown to the bake sale begins! Starting tomorrow, each day leading up to the bake sale, we’ll preview some of the treats that will be at the sale along with the bloggers and businesses who are baking them. And early Saturday morning, we will publish a full roster of bloggers, businesses, bakers and the baked goods that will be at each location.

Before I start with the countdown, here’s a cool video from an Austin area parent who helped her daughter and friends host a mini-bake sale last weekend. They baked some beautiful cupcakes and raised almost $100 for the Red Cross, an aid organization working alongside AmeriCares in Japan.

I know it’s really, really cheesy to show you adorable 4-year-olds hawking cupcakes and talking about how we can all make a difference,  but this video helped cheer me up after I read about living conditions for workers at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

Fair warnings: that story about the power plant is really moving. Have some kleenex handy. Also, the audio at the beginning of the bake sale video is loud, so turn your computer volume down if you’re at work or using headphones!

And just because I can’t resist adding some additional cuteness to this post to brighten your day, here’s a sneak preview of what business sponsors Kathy Phan and Objects of Confection will be bringing to the south and west locations of the bake sale!

Japanese Themed Cake Balls

Find these at the south and west locations!

Kathy created these Sanrio-themed cake pops as an expression of support for Japan especially to sell at Austin Bakes for Japan.

And the cuteness continues! Look at what Kathy’s friend and Austin Bakes volunteer Brandy will be bringing to the west location.

Ice cream cone cake pop

Available while they last at the west location!

Thank you so much to Austin and its food community for the amazing outpouring of support for Japan and this bake sale. We can’t wait to show you more of the great treats coming your way this weekend!