Thank you, Austin! 、オースティン、ありがとう!

We did it!! Today, hundreds of Austinites came together to raise over $11,400 in support of AmeriCares’ work in Japan.

We are so grateful to everyone who baked items, volunteered, hosted the sales and donated to AmeriCares. Here’s how much each of our bake sale locations raised for survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Cash Business Sponsors: $793 (and counting!)
Online Gifts: $900 (and counting!)
East Austin Bakes for Japan: $1,236
Downtown Austin Bakes for Japan: $1,336
South Austin Bakes for Japan: $2,044
Central Austin Bakes for Japan: $2,425
West Austin Bakes for Japan: $2,702

If you missed the sale in person and you would still like to contribute, you may do so securely online. Note: the total amount listed on our online giving portal reflects both online gifts and donations made by check at bake sales today. In the totals above, those checks are listed with the specific location at which the gift was made.

We have hundreds of happy stories, memories and photos of the bake sale to share in the coming days.  Thank you to the volunteers, media, business partners, and donors who gave so generously in support of our goal!

Online Gifts: $900 (and counting!)

5 thoughts on “Thank you, Austin! 、オースティン、ありがとう!

  1. We at AmeriCares are extremely grateful to all of the good people in Austin who took part in this wonderful event and made a difference in the lives of people in Japan who need help in the face of an epic disaster. When good people care, they take action, and when they take action they change the world for the better. Kindness and generosity matter – they bring hope and help to those who need it most.

  2. Thanks everyone who worked on this. I am so taken by the spirit in Austin that I want to be a part, too. Best, Annaliese aka Sagegreen

    • Annaliese, thank you so much for all your support of the bake sale. 🙂 I know you’re all the way up on Massachusetts now, but I hope that we get to meet in person some day!!

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